haosen's excellent products and technologies are constantly
recognized by customers and government.

  • 2023-baoneng science and technology industrial park
    "excellent enterprise award"

  • 2022-magna powertrain
    “supplier excellence award”

  • 2023-bbac
    "solidarity & mutual assistance award"

  • 2023-51job
    "top employers"

  • 2022-infimotion
    “award for standing together through thick and thin”

  • 2022-saic-gm
    “excellent supplier award”

  • 2023-dongfeng cummins
    “"best partner award" ”

  • 2022-ifwmc
    “china’s international
    high-quality supplier of flat wire motor”

  • 2022-liepin
    “extraodinary employer”

  • 2022-cummins
    “supplier diversity leadership”

  • 2022-eve energy
    “excellent service award”

  • 2021-saic gm
    “ excellent supplier
    of the year”

  • 2022-ne times
    "top enterprise award for domestic hairpin equipment"

  • 2022-intelligent power system
    "value contribution award"

  • 2022-sinotruk
    "outstanding supplier award"

  • 2021-volvo
    "cars quality excellence award"

  • 2021- cummins
    "best supplier innovation award"

  • 2021-ifwmc
    "wangcai golden globe award"

  • 2021-cape
    "excellent supplier for intelligent equipment management solution"

  • 2021-ne-times
    "top award for domestic hairpin equipment"

  • 2020-aps
    "hairpin motor supplier contribution award"

  • 2020-saic gm
    “best supplier of
    the year”

  • 2020-hycet
    “excellent supplier”

  • 2020-zf foton
    "outstanding contribution"

  • 2019-saic gm
    “best supplier
    of the year”

  • 2018-psa
    “best supplier
    of the year”

  • 2018- saic gm
    “best supplier
    of the year”

  • 2017- cummins
    “best supplier
    of the yaer”

  • 2017-saic gm
    “ excellent supplier
    of the year”

  • 2017- benz “leading

  • 2017- caf
    “best strategic

  • 2016- magna
    “top business

  • 2016- getrag
    “excellent supplier”

  • 2015- saic gm
    “ technical innovation
    leading award”

  • 2014- cummins
    “best quality

  • 2013- saic gm
    “quality innovation
    leading award”

  • 2013- cummins “best

  • 2010- saic gm
    supplier award”

  • 2007- saic gm “excellent service award,
    break-through& innovation award”

  • 2016-great wall motor “excellent supplier award”

  • 2016- great wall motor “excellent cooperation team”

  • 2010- foton
    “excellent supplier”

  • 2015-bfcec
    “best cooperation
    supplier award”

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