• recruitmenttype:regular employee
  • location:changzhou
  • post categories:management
  • department:
  • required degree:
  • major in:

post requirements:

1. bachelor degree or above, major in engineering subjects;

2. familiar with office software and planning related software;

3. relatively stronger sense of plan and sense of time.

post responsibilities:

1. formulate the project bidding plans;

2. taking hold of timeline requirement of project milestones, long-lead purchased part, station-level timeline, pre-acceptance plan and final acceptance plan;

3. regularly align actual project status with the scheduled plan and identify potential risks;

4. assist and give supports in formulating project timeline standards for reference;

5. assist and give supports in formulating standards for project hr resources configuration;

6. monitor on the changing of hr resources management in a timely manner;

7. manage on workshop ground occupation plans and formulate area-in-use analysis report for on-going project;

8. formulating each planning and analyzing report forms.

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