in the golden autumn of october, haosen “zhi hao sheng” campus recruitment is going on in full swing!-乐鱼官网app

in the golden autumn of october, haosen “zhi hao sheng” campus recruitment is going on in full swing!-乐鱼官网app

1. news flash on the campus recruitment

the september haosen nation-wide autumn campus recruitment event was fully launched, spreading over 10 universities in various cities such as dalian, changzhou, shenyang, zhengzhou, changchun, nanjing and etc. up to current date, a total of 25 online/offline campus presentation events were carried out, with 5000 students attending the events and 1400 resumes collected from 119 universities/colleges both domestic and abroad.  meanwhile, haosen has also established school-enterprise cooperation and long-term campus recruitment cooperation with universities/colleges such as dalian university, shenyang institute of engineering, jiangsu university, shenyang ligong university, changchun university of technology and etc. a number of managers and technological experts from our company are also engaged as visiting lecturers for dalian university of technology and dongbei university of finance & economics.


2. marvelous recollections

in northeast china & east china, haosen campus recruitment events at various places were marvelously presented. on oct.12th, haosen simultaneously started exquisite campus recruitment event at shenyang ligong university and jiangsu university. a total of 500 students from the two universities attended the event. the students had an in-depth communication with the hr and expressed their opinions enthusiastically at the interactive step. the atmosphere was especially coming to climax at 3 glaring scenes, now let’s have a review on it together!


part 1: solid facts were fully presented.

the presenters from haosen shared details on the development history of haosen, the posts open for recruitment, the benefits of employees and the training mechanism. they had an active exchange with the students, answered questions from the students and shared with them an excellent appearance of the company.

haosen presenter is introducing the company to the students.

after the presentation, students are enthusiastically submitting their cvs.


part 2: plenty of rich prizes were awarded.

during the campus recruitment event, the students expressed their unanimous commendation on the prizes provided by haosen. the prize awarding step even brought the event atmosphere to a new climax.

the student could hardly hide his joy after winning the first prize.

the honorable guest is shaking hard the lucky draw box.

guess who will be the big winner?


part 3: stories shared by big shots.

haosen specially invited senior managers and big shots of the company as well as outstanding employees who graduated from that university to tell their own stories at the event site, share details of their own experiences in haosen and give answers in patience to the questions from the students.

the event of 2024 haosen zhi hao sheng (notes: chinese pronunciations of these are close to the characters with meanings of “intelligent haosen  students) campus recruitment will go on for another 2 weeks of time. in such a season of golden autumn, haosen is proactively responding to the “employment promoting policy”, creating a favorable employment environment and providing many career opportunities for the students. we will cooperate with the many universities and colleges, help the students complete their transition to start a career and step into the society and achieve their profession ideals.


haosen is looking for a group of outstanding fresh graduates to join our team. fellow students, if you have innovative ideas, if you are full of working enthusiasm and are able to adapt to fast-pace working environment, you are welcomed to join haosen , give full play to your own advantages and start a brand new career of your own! 


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