the sense of achievement comes from smooth communication and growth.-乐鱼官网app

the sense of achievement comes from smooth communication and growth.-乐鱼官网app

mechanical engineer  liu congyang

i joined haosen after i graduated in 2019. the company prepared a very systematic training course for us, including professional mechanical training, hands-on workshop training, relaxed, fun english training and so on. every week, the "teacher" would conduct business related english courses, and there were also activities such as “read english every morning”, “group english speaking practice”, “wechat group clock-in”, etc. thanks to the systematic english training, i’ve made remarkable progress in my reading and writing.


i thought this was how every company runs, until i talked with my friends from back at school. joining haosen was definitely one of the best decisions i’ve ever made, especially for a workplace "rookie" like me. i was very fortunate to join a company with super-rich experience to guide me in the very first project i set my hands on; what’s more, i also had a chance to work with foreign colleagues; i got to use what i learned from training in work, which allowed me to better understand what i have learned, and gain more experience at the same time, and my ability to communicate in a foreign language has dramatically improved. i’m no longer the rookie who just graduated and is too afraid to even speak english at all. now i have a great sense of achievement, even my classmates from school have started to become envious of me.


no need to envy or be jealous, join us and you can also enjoy the "same opportunity" i got!



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