motivated by “lithium”, haosen joins hands with 2 energy tycoons in bursting out momentous power-乐鱼官网app

motivated by “lithium”, haosen joins hands with 2 energy tycoons in bursting out momentous power-乐鱼官网app

recently, haosen inked contracts consecutively with sungrow power and saic-rept and will provide 4 lithium battery module pack lines to the 2 enterprises.

this is the 2nd cooperation with sungrow power and the project product is energy storage battery for domestic use. the energy storage products coming off this line will be exported to europe to alleviate the shortage of such products in european market. in year 2022, in the context that european energy cost and electricity price has been rising over years, while adding to that are the russia-ukraine conflict and the power outages which is wide-spreading overseas, which are increasing the household electricity cost and instability of power supply, which brings about sharp increase in the household demands on photovoltaic products, and it in turn inspires soaring demand in the household energy storage market beyond expectation. driven both by european policies and economical requirement, the installation quantity of european energy storage equipment is also seeing an explosive growth. in such context, with a planned annual capacity that can be up to 300k of haosen production line, the profitability is foreseeable for the energy storage products that are to be launched from the assembly line.

the complete line for this project is merely 35m in length and is taking up rather small area while giving due consideration to the space utilization and cycle time requirement, thus ensuring a high production capacity for the customer; the welding station is using twin stations in parallel, with the design of a single welding machine moving transversely for welding to ensure the welding quality, meeting the cycle time while at the same time caring for the cost.

the other partner is saic-rept - a joint venture between saic technology and rept energy, both of which are members of the sgmw. for this cooperation between haosen and saic-rept, two module lines as well as one pack line shall be delivered.

this project is compatible for 3 variants and it will double up the current production capacity for the customer. comprehensively considering on function aspect and “cost-reduction & efficiency increase” which is a common concern for the industry players, the production line planned by haosen will closely stick to customer’s requirement and protect for future modification on the product variants for the customer by way of modularized designs.

lithium battery is a best-seller among the products exported from china, this product of haosen will be exported to indonesia and help saic-rept swiftly seize the business opportunity in the south-eastern asian market, and it is an important action for implementing the customer’s overseas strategy.

ever since year 2015 when the 1st batch of lithium battery equipment was exported from china, up to 2022, lithium battery equipment from china has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions; behind the scale-up of exportation is the continuous break-through from the technology aspects. haosen will continue to follow the path of “technology as the backbone of our business”, develop the standard production line for the lithium battery, completely grasp the core technology of lithium battery production equipment, forge the product as the bench mark of the industry and gradually develop in depth, continuously exert force in detailed fields and set up the brand influence of haosen!


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