one rope, one heart, 2022 haosen tug-乐鱼官网app

one rope, one heart, 2022 haosen tug-乐鱼官网app

one rope, one heart, the joint efforts of team, the cooperation of many people, the enthusiasm underneath the feet, the confidence on the faces, the pleasure of cheering, the spirits of fighting as well as the wonderful feeling of participation, 2022 haosen tug-of-war came to a successful conclusion with the enduring efforts of the players and in the encouraging shouts and claps of hands which were rising wave after wave!

a total of 12 teams signed up for this competition. after many exciting and fierce competitions, the rockets 101 men and the c60 respectively won the champion and runner-up. at noontime on nov.17th, after the final, an award ceremony was held. two honorable guests and all the player participants were invited to attend.

at the award ceremony, the two guests presented awards separately to the two winning teams. after that, mr.lin, vice president of haosen powertrain business division, made a concluding speech for the award ceremony. mr.lin said that he was also sincerely happy when seeing the smiling faces of the players, whether they won or lost in the competition. he also mentioned that, tug-of-war was a contest of strength, and the participants were "men of great strength" from various departments. at the same time, the competition was also a test on the will, quality and endurance of each player. although this tug-of-war was over, he hoped that all could bring this quality to the work and became the representatives of perseverance and boldness of their own departments!

looking back through the whole season, in every game, the contestants did their best to turn the shouts and cheers of the audience into endless power to work together in the competition, to fight for their own team, and to fight for the honor. the long rope is connecting the unity and fraternity of haosen people; the loud shouts are conveying each other's courage and strength; the resolute footprints are demonstrating everyone's fight and struggle; and the persistent back figures are leaving behind the glory and eternity of victory!


tug-of-war is a challenge. haosen people grow in face of challenge, harvest in face of challenge and while facing challenges, fully demonstrate the haosen spirits of strong & bravery, unity & cooperation and never admitting defeats which are all the merits unique to the haosen people!


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