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school and enterprise co -乐鱼官网app

on november 29th, liu zuoquan, secretary of party general branch of the school of mechanical engineering of dalian university, men shuyun, deputy secretary of party general branch, and li zhi, vice dean of the school, visited haosen with their group members. the director of human resources and administration department of haosen warmly received them, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on student employment internships, project cooperation, talent cultivation, and party building co-construction. they successfully held a plaque awarding ceremony for the party building co-construction base.

the guests visited the new energy production line in the workshop, and haosen showed its advanced robot automation manufacturing technology.

at the plaque awarding ceremony of the party building co-construction base, secretary liu introduced the basic facts of the school, including its general situation, major establishment, teachers, innovation and entrepreneurship, scientific research, and social services. he also pointed out that carrying out the party building co-construction and job expansion to promote employment is an urgent need to improve the quality of talent cultivation and promote high-quality employment for graduates. liu also pointed out that in the new era, in order to cultivate talents that meet the requirement from the society, improve teaching systems such as curriculum and practice, and improve the quality of talent cultivation, it is necessary to investigate and research more enterprises, listen to suggestions and opinions.

the director of human resources and administration of haosen had an introduction on the company's characteristic project cooperation, focusing on the company's overview, job requirements, career development, etc., and put forward suggestions on deepening school-enterprise cooperation and optimizing talent training models.

after giving the speech, outstanding alumni from previous years shared their growth experiences. finally, liu awarded the plaque of party building co-construction base to haosen, pushing the ceremony to a climax. by leading the deep integration of school-enterprise through party building co-construction, both sides will explore demonstration mechanisms for school-enterprise party building co-construction and create a distinctive brand for school-enterprise party building co-construction.

the exchange between haosen and dalian university goes far beyond that——

in early october 2023, the recruitment team of haosen went to dalian university to hold an autumn special lecture, and received nearly a hundred resumes from students;

haosen presentation

at the end of october, at the "intelligence convergence @ dalian university 2023 dalian university first college student simulated job hunting competition" held by dalian university. haosen, who served as a judge, played a positive role by patiently commenting and guiding students to change their job seeking psychology and improve their professional qualities. haosen also successfully invited the champion of the competition to join haosen.

haosen serves as a judge


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